Demo Project Butterfly - A JSR-inspired open platformer!



Project Butterfly (working title) is an open-ended, super-fast-paced 2D RPG-platformer taking heavy inspiration from the likes of Jet Set Radio and Sonic Rush, set in a modern city inhabited by all sorts of insect-like people.
It's still in development, but an early playable demo (...with some placeholder sounds, sprites and visuals due to time constraints) was featured at the SAGE 2020 Expo:

What can you do in this game though, you might ask?
  • Freely run, walljump and grind your way through the open streets of Graff City!
  • Complete all sorts of missions and challenges that will unlock as you go!
  • Spray up tag spots, fight foes and do trick combos to gain XP and upgrade your character!
  • Each playable character comes with their own unique skills and unlocks, leading to potentially completely different playstyles!
You can see updates and news of all sorts over on our Twitter page!

But in the meantime, here's some screenshots: