Free Project Aurora: Fully Turn-based RPG

Early stage demo version. Feel free to post thoughts on it but please be constructive. Also keep in mind all the actual coding was done by a single person AKA me who had no experience coding when I started.
- Intro -
In a world ruled by six godlike beings, a champion is about to awaken. But what path will that champion take and how will those decisions affect the world at large?

- About -
Project Aurora (Working title), is a fully turn-based RPG where the player is presented with a choice of multiple stories to play through.
The choice of which story to play also affects the playstyle of your character. In total there are 9 planned stories.
Current version is in very early development. The rudimentaries of the combat system are in place and zone 1 of a single story is virtually complete.
As for the rest I leave that to you guys to find out.

- Download link -
Download here
P.S Sorry for any bugs you may encounter. Got a little too eager to get this uploaded


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