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Programming Forum Guidelines

This forum is for all programming related discussions, whether it be GML or Drag and Drop. This is a friendly place to ask questions and get help from your fellow GMC members. Remember that it's nice to be nice. If you're nice and respectful, you'll get the same attitude in return from others. We also request our responders to be nice and polite when replying, since not everyone is a hardcore programmer and even the best of us make mistakes. All inappropriate content, behavior, language and disputes must be reported to the forum staff. While and before posting here, we recommend that members keep the following points in mind.

Things to try before posting:
  • Consult the manual.
    It doesn't hurt to make sure you understand how everything you're using is supposed to work. The manual can be accessed by pressing F1 in the GameMaker IDE. Online versions of the manual are also hosted officially by YYG which can be found at following domain locations:
  • Responders are strongly advised to link to suitable manual entries while giving advice.
  • Search the forums to see if a topic that can help you with your problem already exists.
    Using the forum's native search functionality, you might find a solution without having to post a topic. The search box can be found in the top-right corner of each page.
  • Show some initiative.
    Do not post a topic for your problem as soon as it arises. Try to solve it on your own first and post a topic only if the issue persists. Also, let others know what you have already tried when posting a topic to avoid redundant advice.

Things to keep in mind when creating a topic:
  • Use a meaningful title that relates to your problem.
    Use a topic title that summarizes the problem rather than titles like "I need help" or "Error" which are more likely to drive people away from your topic.
  • Use appropriate topic prefixes and tags.
    Using topic prefixes and tags, you can tell others what GM version you're using and narrow down the description of problem you're facing.
  • Do not create a new topic if one for the same issue already exists.
    Duplicate topics are against the forum rules and will be removed. If your topic hasn't had responses in a while, simply reply to it to say that you're still looking for help.
  • Be patient.
    Everything takes time. So does giving and getting help. It might take your topic some hours, even a few days, to get a response. Don't get disheartened and try to solve the problem on your own in the meanwhile. Do NOT keep replying to the topic to beg for help. Such replies will be removed and appropriate actions will be taken.
  • Share as much relevant information as possible.
    Only relevant. It would save a lot of time which would otherwise be wasted in other members asking you to do the same. Better to do that in the first place.
  • Write with your best grammar and style.
    Punctuate sensibly, be direct and spell to the best of your ability. If you want responders to care, don't give the impression that you don't.

Things to keep in mind when sharing information:
  • Post code using code tags.
    Put your code between [code] and [/code] tags. Doing so has two important benefits. First, it stops the forum's BBCode and emoji parser from clobbering your code. Second, it typesets the code in monospace and preserves all spacing, which makes it easier for developers to check for things like indents and exact character correspondences. If you're using the rich text editor, you may use the Code option from the Insert button dropdown which does the same thing.
  • Comment adequately, but not excessively.
    Adding comments helps improve the readability of your code and gives responders an insight into your assumptions. But don't do it to the point that actual lines of code become isolated from each other.
  • Cite where the code comes from.
    Context matters when it comes to coding. Whenever you post a code fragment, explicity state what event / object / script it has been put in.
  • Cite your exact GM version.
    To avoid confusion, cite the full version number (e.g. 1.4.1763) somewhere in the first post.
  • Indent your code.
    Using a standard indentation style makes it much easier for other people to read your code and improves your chances of getting responses.
  • Do not post screenshots or videos of your code.
    You can save responsders a lot of hassle by copy-pasting it as text in code tags. The only acceptable exception to not posting screenshots is when you're using Drag and Drop.
  • Do not post the source code of your project.
    We advice strongly against posting your source code, unless it is the last remaining way for you to share information and someone to assist you. Even in those cases, you should contact those who request for it privately and take it down once the problem has been solved.

Things to keep in mind after the problem has been solved:
  • Mark the topic as solved to notify future readers.
    You can do that by editing the topic's title (go to Edit Title / Thread Tools menu located to the top left corner of your first post and use the Edit Thread option) and adding [Solved] as a prefix to it. But do NOT remove the existing title in doing so.
  • Post the solution if you solved the issue yourself.
    It can help future readers learn new things and even solve their own problems that are similar to yours.
  • Be grateful to every member who took the time to respond.
    Even if someone's response doesn't solve your problem, thank them, for they at least took time to reply and tried to help. It is common courtesy.
  • Do not remove the content of your posts.
    That makes your topic meaningless to future readers, who would otherwise have been benefited by reading it. Once the community has contributed to it, it is no longer your private property. It is also against the forum rules and appropriate actions will be taken against offenders.

Like everywhere else, general forum rules and guidelines apply too.
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