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Ben Lover

I am looking for someone who can make dynamic liquid for me:

Liquids would have a base position but fake spread out (exactly how minecraft works). The fake spread out positions still need to do the exact same thing as the normal liquid. If a postion is filled by a real object then it gets removed and any liquid past that position goes away. The catch is it needs to not infinitely create liquid and infinitely delete from spots it can’t. The liquid needs to be top-down and spread out like it. The liquid would need to collide with terrain object. Each liquid square needs to be 5x5

Please PM or DM:

You can comment below or just email me:

I don't know how to just fill up a box with a bunch of random text so that's all.
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find me on discord and tell me more about what you need, what are you offering as pay etc.

Ben Lover

Update: i am also looking just for people who want to throw ideas at the game. Have their opinions and what not.