Team Request Programmer Required



Hello all. My name is Arkenova (but you may call me Arke-E, Arke, Nova or just Melody) and I am the Artistic Lead for DragonBlossom, an ambitious game that has been in the works since 2013 (three to four years in general) since I am in charge of taking care of the graphics (tilesets, characters, etc.).

I am currently in search for a Programmer experienced in the GML (like more than a year of experience at the minimum) and would be able to manipulate the means of Sonic MAX, which is a Sonic the Hedgehog engine, and transform it to something unique for the characters in-game.

Here are the terms:

- It is a hybrid of RPG/action-adventure platformer. The health system is pretty much like Freedom Planet's.
- I will send over the original engine for you to mess around with to work in something random.
- Enemies will be placeholders until the real enemies are finished.
- SUPER Important: For now, this is unpaid however there is a plan for a crowdfunding campaign in the future.

The thread to the game is found here and the concept of this can be found here as provided. If you wish, free feel to contact me via Gmail (, IM, and/or Discord (Arkenova #5822). I ask that you provide a message to tell me who you are so I don't find you as a random stranger.

Thank you and have a nice day!


Hey there. So this project was revieved back to life recently?