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Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Moises Abraham, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Moises Abraham

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    Dec 27, 2017
    Hello mates, im looking for a source of work. I am graduated on Game Development by Unisinos University (Brazil), so Im also a certified Game Designer. I have been programming for 7 years and making pixel art for almost 2 years. Currently im looking for paid work but depending on the project we can negotiate a revenue share. I wont charge too much, Im an indie dev too after all. I am really fond of 2D games, those are my passion.

    My programming skills:
    - I make any kind of 2D game.
    - Great knowledge on artificial inteligence. I can make really intelligent enemies.
    - Experience with machine learning.
    - Procedural generation. I have also replicated some level generation algorithms from well known games such as Spelunky, Rogue Legacy and Nuclear Throne.
    - Great on game mechanics programming and Juices.
    - Great at enemy behaviour design too.

    My biggest personal project, actually on polishing stage:

    My pixel art skills:
    - Minimalistic pixel art and medium sized as well (32x32).
    - Indie looking pixel art.
    - Focus on animation. My anymation skills are above average.
    - Focus on character design and animation.
    - Can do Semi Cute pixel art as well.

    My pixel art portfolio is here:
    For pixel art I also work on commisions. I charge around 7 to 25 usd depending on complexity of the pixel art asset and if is animated or not. Its negotiable.

    - If you want to know more about my skills and other projects contact me. I charge indie friendly prices, trust me ^^

    Contact information:
    Skype: netodwmu ( rarely use )
    Email: moises_abraham_d.walker@hotmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neto.walker (preference)
    Or: Pm me here.
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