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(Basically a repost of a thread which was wrongly posted in gamedesign)

I'm a 23 year old guy trying to improve my coding/pixel art when not studying. I've been messing around with gamemaker for about a year but haven't engaged in any meaningful way with the community. Here's hoping that changes :)

Please note that I'm still at a very basic level, especially when it comes to coding, so "game design" for me is still a process of finding out how this software works while hopefully making something not too bad while I do it. I mostly use sfxr, aseprite and gamemaker.

As you can probably tell from the artwork I'm really into old school NES/SNES-era games, especially well designed platformers (castlevania, megaman, ninja gaiden etc) and my projects usually revolve around reiterating on them in some way. If that sounds about right to you please hit me up. I'm hoping to meet some good people on here that I can potentially work/discuss ideas with.

Anyway here are some images of pixel art for my current project (my plan is to elaborate more on this thread with time):


Richard Mountain

Hi buddy,

If you're still looking for someone to work with drop me a PM, and we can chat about it some more.