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Hi, my name is Patrick and I am the founder and owner of an INDIE studio called Imagine Eternity Entertainment LLC, or IE Entertainment for short. So far I am the sole team member working on a game that I hope to finish within the next 6 to 9 months (hopefully). It is basically an action platformer with SHMUP-style mechanics. The visual style will be similar to something along the lines of the 2d Capcom fighters like X-Men and Marvel Super Heroes. I'm still deciding if it will be stage based or a more MetroidVania style adventure.

I have revised my initial post to better reflect the needs of my project. I am looking for a programmer to aid me with SPECIFIC game mechanics. Here are the game mechanics I wish to add to my project.
  • A "Dash" Mechanic - Using a "FORWARD", "FORWARD", or "BACK", "BACK", input.
  • Projectile Mechanic - using a "DOWN", "FORWARD", "ATTACKBUTTON" , input. (Just like Street Fighter)
  • Melee Mechanic - I need a standing attack. A "FORWARD", + "ATTACK" input (Knocks enemy backward) An upward attack using "UP", + "ATTACK" input. (The result should stun, or knock enemy into air) A "DOWN",+ "ATTACK" input (If on ground this attack would be a low hit, if in air the enemy would be spiked to ground) Yes, this is similar to the smash bros combat.
  • Combo Mechanic - A simple 3 -hit combo that can be done on the ground or in the air.
  • Player Health Mechanic - I will be using a health bar similar to Street Fighter. ( If that helps)
This will be a paid project. We can discuss the details of how and when payment will be made once conversations begin. This project is being developed for and under the Imagine Eternity Entertainment LLC, so any agreements reached or payments made will be done under contract. This is to protect both parties involved and hopefully give you a bit of confidence that I take this project very seriously.

I will need someone who will be able to set aside a reasonable amount of time a week to work on this project as well as have meetings to discuss the games progress.

If you are interested, please post links to your portfolio or feel free to DM me here in the forums. I look forward to hearing from all of the amazingly talented people here in the GM community. Thank you.
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I can do some programming, sound effects, simple pixel art, music, etc. It would be interesting to talk to you about your project. I'm on skype often. What kind of AI are you wanting?
I am actually going to restructure my post to better reflect what I'm looking for. But as far as AI I need just a few simple AI routines. Right now I have a skrt of a dumb AI that walks back and forth sort of like a Goomba from Mario Brothers then I have one that will chase you once the player gets it to a certain distance to the enemy and once you get a certain distance away he will stop.


Hi, I could be the one who has everything you need right now for your game. Can we meet at skype/email?
my portfolio is here:

Most the tasks are common to one thing: the combo system. I did it years ago using a string of with sets of 2 digits, that represents a button. A timer that gives a short timer limit to perform the next input before it is the string is cleared again. And a script that has a database of strings, and if found a match with the combo executed so far, it can trigger the desired (execept if need a effect to execute in the middle of the combo, but it is possible to extend the concecpt). Of course that need some extra scripts (for the sake of the organization) and flag variables, but that is my core's plan.


Sure, I can send you examples via email/skype. I will make you a nice looking, easy to use engine for your game with every point you mentioned in main post.


Ive been programming for 8 - 9 years, i know everything there is to know, this included networking ( I have made a mmo and a card battle system / game ), terrain generation ( Including the famous minecraft voxelized terrain ), I would love to assist in this project im the main programmer of and a few other games as im the lead programmer.

My skype is: R34LD34L and also i will negotiate a lower budget and most likely work for longer periods of time, simply because i have a lot of free time and desire the satisfaction of working in a team!