Job Offer - Programmer Programmer needed for iPhone Turn-Based Multiplayer Game

I’m currently working with a doctor to develop a medical matching game for a mobile platform, utilizing GameMaker 1.4. I’ve gotten to a milestone thanks to another member on here, but we’re ready to go to the next step, and they’re no longer available to help out.

Our next milestone is to A. Propogate levels with the base code that was developed and B. Make the game multiplayer, utlilzing a server to allow turn-based gameplay between the players.

Point A utilizes an array file (with a text file currently), and will be modular to a point in that new levels can be generated easily. This is per the client’s request. You will utilize this system to create a variety of levels. The system needs a feature with random object generation, which can be discussed further

Point B is straightforward; this is supposed to be a multiplayer game such as “Words with Friends”. You’ll need to implement turn-based play utilizing Apple Devices.The game is primarily focused on the iPhone/Apple platform, and the client will be setting up the Apple Developer account for the proper IDs (so that’ll be taken care of).

Aside from my time being focused on other aspects of work, the multiplayer aspect goes over my head some and am looking help for that part specifically.

Please contact me if interested. This is a paid offer, and I am up to negotiation to what will be fair for you. Also let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.