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Hello, everyone. I'm just starting out as a freelancer, but I've worked on several solo projects. I have 4+ years of experience with GameMaker, I've worked on many different genres including platformers, top-down shooters, rpg's and puzzle games. I have experience in both Game Maker Studio and Game Maker Studio 2.

Besides programming, I also have plenty of experience on game and level design and I can do tutoring.

I'm only doing paid work right now. My current rate is $10 USD per hour (negotiable). I can also work for a per-project or milestone fee.
If you are interested, either PM me here or email me at psychoneiricstudios@gmail.com

Examples of my work
  • "Jump: Squared", a platformer I made a few years ago. You can see some of the gameplay here You can also download "Jump: Squared" for free on Gamejolt.

  • Sample level from an unreleased puzzle game:


  • Preview of a WIP platformer/fighting game:
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Psychoneiric Studios

Update: I'm now accepting per-project payments as well. Also, in order to build a portfolio I'm willing to charge less for simple projects.