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  1. Mert

    Mert Member

    Jul 20, 2016
    Hi. I'm Mert.

    I have been creating and crafting some extensions and tools for Game Maker for a while now. My entire portfolio is available in my blog. I am ready to serve for your most challenging tasks considering Facebook Instant Games platform.


    A fully functional Facebook Instant Games Platform implementation with professional support.
    • Fully functional Leaderboards, including user pictures, score formatting, extra score data, score timestamps, score contexts; global leaderboards, contextual leaderboards, and "just-friends-leaderboards".
    • Ad Monetization: Displaying & Loading Interstitial and Rewarded Ads, on both Mobile and Web.
    • In App Purchases (Top way to increase revenues)
    • Full Localization! Including Call-To-Action buttons and invitations.
    • Share In-game screens to Facebook, Messenger or Whatsapp : ("I scored 64. Can you beat it?")
    • Cross Promote your other games : Using required functions, we can cross-promote your other games by transferring data between <> them. If the player gets 50 point in the game A, they can get a candy in the game B; etc... (Android & Web only)
    • Messenger Bots : To increase retention rate. Bots can send messages to your players, and react to players' messages.
    • *Discord Bots : My services include Discord Bots as we can carry messages from Instant Games to Discord and vice versa.
    • *Reddit Bots : Your game can post updates, or answer reddit users' questions, or do announcements (Like "the winner of the week is Martin Miller")
    • Firebase Support : Whether it is Performance Monitoring to see if your game is doing well, or Firestore database to store and serve real-time data.
    • Analytical Tools : Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics.
    • Notifications : Also with localizations.
    Multiplayer & Backend Support
    • Real-time & Turn based online gameplay support.
    • Different type of databases, depending on your request: Google Firebase's Firestore, SQLite or MongoDB.
    Dedicated Time
    • I will be working with you, or your team as your preferred way (Discord session etc.)
    • If requested, I will continue working with you/your team for the maintenance of the game, and for the next tasks such as improvements, new features etc.
    • I will promote your game in my different assets: Mainly in my blog.
    Testing Included
    • Although my tools are battle-tested, I will do extra debugging to make sure your game is well adapted to the Instant Games.
    If you wish to hire me, please leave a message here or send me a dm. We can discuss further details.
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  2. Mert

    Mert Member

    Jul 20, 2016
    #Update : In-game gifts and Android Homescreen shortcuts are now available.
    Ads are working perfectly on WEB too, meaning more revenue earned from your games.

    #Update 2 : Reddit bots are now available. Your Facebook Instant Game can now alter your game's reddit page : In any way you wish to!

    #Update 3 : Facebook is now accepting new games as they've reopened the reviews.

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