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  1. Joshua Allen

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    Jun 20, 2016
    Hi, I’m Josh. I’m a professional programmer looking to do some work on the side.

    I have a bachelor's degree in computer science with a specialization in AI.
    I was lead programmer for Boss 101 and Zazmo Arcade Pack. Both games where released on both steam and Xbox one.

    I own master’s edition for GMS 1.4 and I own the standard edition of GMS 2.
    I also own an Xbox development Kit.

    Please contact me by PMing me or emailing me at: Josh.Freelance.Work@gmail.com

    What I can do for you:
    • Prototyping
    • Tutoring
    • User input
    • Custom tools
    • 2d game programming
    • Data structures
    • Scripting
    • Any GUI work
    • External file handling
    • Debugging
    • Windows, HTML5, or Xbox one development
    Hourly rate ranges from $10 to $30 based on work.
    For a one-time thing like a script, the minimum price is $5.

    Example of my work:
    Boss 101:
    Xbox one

    Zazmo Arcade Pack:
    Xbox one

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