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  1. kupo15

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    Jun 20, 2016
    I'm a programmer looking to offer my services for anyone who needs a programmer for their projects. Whether you are heading up a serious project or need help building your first game, I'm accommodating to your circumstances and goals. I can work in 8.1, Studio 1.4 or GMS2.

    My Philosophy
    I've grown up playing video games, always examining them as to what makes them great and as a result have learned so many game design lessons from them. What makes me stand out as a programmer is the importance I place on mechanics and flexible, stable coding habits. Without a solid foundation, no game can be as good as it can be nor will it feel as fun to play.

    As a contractor, I'm committed to having your best interests in mind and am fast at responding to communication as well.

    About me
    I am a professional classical musician and my schooling in that field is what I attribute my excellent attention to detail to which is critical in making great games. Gamemaker started off as a hobby 15 years ago but quickly evolved to become more serious. I have recently focused my expertise into my current project, Rising Spirit, which is a 2D Fighting Game.
    To see more of the quality of my work, check out the facebook page

    Services I offer
    Full Scale Games

    *More considerations for acceptance must be made for more complex, ambitious projects

    Rapid Prototyping - If you need something quick and fast to get your game ideas across or tested for production

    Development Engines/Tools - If you need dedicated engines/tools to assist in development for your main project

    Already have an established team but need guidance along the way? No problem! I can use my extensive knowledge in how GM works and technical knowledge to provide your team with the critical answers you need or help educate your team in establishing pipelines and processes.

    Want to make a fan game for fun?
    I have a real talent in playing any game and understanding how they work, how they were programmed and what its strengths and weaknesses are. As a result I have great confidence in my ability to replicate the magic and feel of any existing game for anyone interested in making a fan game.

    Things I have little experience in but want to get better at:
    -Advanced lighting
    -Really Advanced AI/Pathfinding

    Contact and Payment
    Please send me a PM if you are interested in my services and we can take it outside of here if needed. I'm flexible with payment and would like to negotiate a rate that will be fair to both parties. Please include your goals and expectations for the project so I have an idea what the project plan is.

    I mostly do business through paypal and prefer that. I charge per hour but I use that to estimate the cost of a milestone or task. Payment is usually made on a milestone/task basis before continuing further but I'm flexible depending on the situation and project. Lastly, I will compile builds during our work together for you to test and approve of but the project file will only be handed over to you containing work/code that has already been paid for. All work is invoiced and under contract. If any of this sounds daunting (as it was to me at one point in time), don't worry I'll help guide you through it :)

    I am eager to help work on projects and hope to hear from you! Feel free to ask me any questions! Thanks!
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  2. Higus

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    Nov 2, 2016
    Hi, there. Sent you a private message with no reply. Just checking if you're interested. Cheers

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