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About Me
My name is Mason Thompsen. I have been working in Game Maker Studio for more than 5 years. I lack art skills, and thus have never released a game of my own, but have expert programming skills. I have and currently am working on a 3 dimensional, multiplayer first-person shooter coded entirely in GML, and have worked on multiple side-scrolling games. I am free to code currently, and have negotiable rates starting at $10.00 an hour.​

My Skills:
  • I can code paths, including pathfinding and way point systems.
  • I can code scripts to handle external data files, such as save/load systems, player profile files to hold player-specific values, such as resource amounts in an Tower Defense game.
  • I can easily integrate dlls, extensions, and assets to pre-existing projects or create a new project off of them.
  • I can script view, including, but not limited to, screenshakes and dizzy effects.
  • I can code scripts to allow you to easily and effortlessly import 3D models into game maker, including animated models.
  • I have the ability to code general 3D, such as collisions, ai, and random generation, among others.
  • I have good knowledge of shaders, both 2D and 3D, and both HLSL and GLSL.
  • I have general networking knowledge, with an emphasis on chat platforms and two player games, but extents of mmo games and cross programming language applications.
My Work:
I have coded a 3D, multiplayer first person shooter along with the help of external resources, which includes targets, dynamic collisions, bullets, 3D models, and multiplayer (deathmatch, team death-match, and PvP modes). Here is the download link:

Additionaly, I have coded many RPGs, TDSs, Tower Defense games, and platformers, but have never released any due to my utter lack of art skills. A link is included below to one of my platformers. Here is a screenshot of the game:​

Here's an action rpg I've been working on:

Here's a drift racing game I've been working on:

Here's an image of a metrodvania hack-n-slash I've been working on, and the link to the associated forum: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.p...-a-metroidvania-hack-slash.34117/#post-211244

What I'm Available to Do:

I'm currently available to do freelance, contract, tutoring, consultation, team-join work (in team-join work, I'd prefer to be paid weekly), or whatever else you have in mind. Free consultation is available. However, I'm looking for paid work only. My rates are negotiable, but start at $30.00 USD an hour, or $10.00 USD an hour for tutoring.​

Contact Info:
Please email me at masonthompsen@gmail.com, PM me here, DM me on discord (BlazingInferno#1341), or reply here if you are interested. I can also do flat prices.​
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So 10 out of 10 I would definitely recommend this guy. He helped me with my text based game, and his comprehensive knowledge of code, techniques, and tips is amazing! I never got around to finishing my game but that was mostly my fault, if I had the drive I definitely could finish it with Mason's help! He still helps me on a daily basis, and my knowledge of code has vastly improved because of him. :)


so team join + its simply to fix my horrid code and explain what you did/why you did it different... prolly will take a week- my art is worse than yours
currently using GM:S 1.4 and i could use a flat price for a 4 MB program with three minigames in it- i could use all the help i can get but i dont have much money to work with so i could work out maybe oh 2 hours a week to work on it

no im not kidding thats how tight my budget is, i have worked on this thing for over a year and it is just now looking like an actual 2010 2d game- i need the help...

The Games;

Toxic Icetroids: shoot rocks in the sky, avoid the babies that spawn, gather green dust(shields +1 for max of 7), avoid red (shields down to basic), enjoy powerups to weapons every now and then randomly (got balancing to do with this)

Break-the-Bricks (not final name): glowy yellow ball jumps from brick to rolling brick, while red balls fling through them like they are air, regular ones bounce just right- this is the one im most happy with now, however it could use optimization im sure

WarZone Gathering: gather spawning plant foods while avoiding spawning and jumping mines, ones all frusit on map is gathered the mines dissapear and the game becomes too simple, haven't figured out the next step...

That be all brother, also- anyone who is lame enough to try to steal these ideas dont bother- they took a avid programmer a year to make right and he is asking for help...

i must have remade this engine 3 times to get it right, and now it is slowing down on this pc and i cant figure out why- thats why i need help
What is it that you are wanting from me? To fix up your mini games, making them faster? Me to join your team? Me to make the mini games?
Hey my man, I've got a decent sized project I've been trying to tackle all by myself. It's a game really suited for a studio of 4, but I'm a good ways through it now and could use a hand pushing it through to release (probably 6 months away) and cleaning up the code. The game is a tug of war unit building game where you try and build a better combination than your opponent. The most pressing matter I've got right now is making the game multiplayer. I can send you a preview of the game once we get in touch so you can see the scope. I'm happy to pay you for your time.



I just need few tecnical answer about networking and how you enable it into GMS2.
I suppose it will take you one hour to answer it.
I am writing an email to you.