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Portfolio - Programming Programmer: 10 years professional experience


Hello, I am GML programmer and looking for a job. I have 10 years experience in C/C++ and 4 years experience in GML.

What I can do:
- 2D engines (platformers, top-down, puzzles, almost any)
- AI (state-machine, path-finding, cooperation, min-max strategy)
- Effects (common particles and self-made particles, blendmodes, surfaces, fragment shaders, CBNA)
- Box2D physic
- Work with data.(save/load, different special formats and protocols, big data structure)

You can see simple example of my code in marketplace - https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/publishers/2581/luden

Google play projects -

Some sceens -
Piracy.png jelly.png

Skype - luden16
Telegramm - @luden16


Hello Luden,

Do you have any multiplayer experience? If so, I am looking for a programmer able to convert my current local multiplayer prototype over to external multiplayer. I'd also be looking for some AI bot creation, analytics hooked up and working and Kongregate API integration. If you can do that please let me know and we can discuss in more detail!