Job Offer - Programmer Programmed Needed



Looking for a programmer to complete my upcoming video game "Flappatron".

Trailer and old kickstarter demo are here:



I do all the animations of characters myself as well a program the bubble sequences and a lot of other things, I do most of the work so you would just have to focus on game play

Technical Summary:

Flappatron is a visual novel game with 2D game play elements. Its scenes are created externally by a designer, and are exported into a format that can be parsed and performed inside of GMS2. It is currently only being made on Windows. It is currently at 20,000 lines of code, however utilises repeatable systems and inheritance often.

Skills Required:

● A strong familiarity with GMS2

● Strong familiarity with data structures

● Comfortable with file handling in GMS2

● Knowledgeable on the handling and organisation of high quantities of high res image assets, as well as a plethora of audio (the game is fully voice acted)

● Prepared to work on a large scale project

Skills Recommended:

● Basic / intermediate experience with Python (Flappatron relies upon a number of scripts written in Python to improve productivity. These tools are already written and complete, but may need maintenance from time to time)

Pay will be negotiable

as a furry the little furry but made me laugh, wish I had more experience with sound files and python seems like it would be a fun project.
Looks great, would of loved to work with you but have no experience with Python and no experience with high-res graphics. Looks good though and wish you the best of luck