Alpha Process|Possess (Build 10) [22/08/2016 Release]



Game Title
: Process|Possess
Developer: Indiebuild
Genre: Top-down Puzzle
Platforms: Windows
First Release: January 03, 2016
Last Release: July 13, 2016

Process|Possess is an action puzzle game that uses a top-down point of view
that is currently under development since September 2015.


After a long period of time, we were finally able to release the Build 10 with some new exciting features!
Check them out:

The Level Escape was completely revamped, now, located in a warehouse, Ruddy needs to find his way out of this heavily protected base.

New Score System and Level End Screen

Now your progress through the level is rated with an score, and you can also earn XP to improve your Rank [WIP]and Unlock stuff[/WIP] :v

The Menu also got an improvement

New Augment: CounterStrike

You know that moment that you took 2 HP from an Enemy, but you can't activate the Ghost to Possess him and he kills you with 2 hits?
No? Well, this won't happen no more if you have CounterStrike, with this augment, when an enemy attacks you, the damage applied to you will also be applied to him.

Songs Remixes
Ian completely REMADE the songs, and it's completely awesome, hop in game, and check them out.

Bad News :v
Thanks to some code that I changed, I have to remake all the levels now, that's why in this build, only Escape is playable. Sorry!
But don't worry, they'll come back in future builds.

The Gameplay

The main mechanic of the game, is having the you have the control of two characters, Ruddy, and
Infra-chroma (aka Ghost), Ghost is a Light Being that is capable of going through walls and taking
control of the mind of those which he touches. Allowing Ruddy
to go through Guards and Security Systems.

Ruddy is completely unarmed, but the enemies are not, Control them and use
their own weapons against them!

HD or Pixel Art:
Choose your preferred art-style!

Gameplay Videos (Build 9 Footage)
My friend Ian playing the game:
@alexde5th playing the game:

DOWNLOAD BUILD 10 HERE (Windows .exe - 27 MB)

Warning: This is an Alpha Build, a lot of features that are suppose to be in the game are still under
development, the reason of why I'm posting the game here, is to get some feedback from players
and game developers. As soon as the game get into Beta (3 or 4 updates after that), the game won't be free for download anymore, and I'll put it on Steam Greenlight. The older versions will remain free.

- 1 New level
- Level Rewards, somethings will be unlocked according to your level
-Improve the RV Effects using Shaders
- (Partially Done) I'll improve the enemy sprites as well, the Turret is going to be completely remade, the animations are going to have Easying and I'll create blood decals and Death Animations for non-machine enemies, it's kind of awkward see a guy bleed when get shot, and explodes when dies xD


- Escape Level Completely Revamped, check the screenshots here
- 1 New Augment: Counter-Strike - "Attacking enemies receive damage equal to the damage they inflict on you"
- Improved CPU usage by reducing the amount of tiles being used
- New HUD
- Score System, Your score will be based on Time, Kills, and "combos" (You'll get additional points for killing enemies consecutively), the score earned will affect how much XP you get.
- Added XP System, there are more ways to get XP than just getting score, you can find secrets, completing a level for the first time in each difficult, etc...
- Improved Characters animations
- Songs Remixes (By IanLux)

Expected Release Date for Alpha Build 11: September 07, 2016

Q: Will the game be free?
A: Sort of, the game will be free until we reach the Beta, after that, it will be put on Steam Greenlight. The older versions will remain free after Beta.
Q: Why the updates are taking so long?
A: Two reasons, first one: I'm having some personal issues, so it's been kinda hard for me to focus on the game. Sorry, I'm trying my best. Second one: These next updates are the last Alpha ones, and as soon as I hit the beta stage, I'll put the game on Steam Greenlight, so, for that, I want the game to be the most polished as possible, and as well, have nice/stable demo for people to test the game before casting their votes. At the current state, I don't think that the game is ready to get Greenlight, so I'm trying my best to present the best product I can.

Q: I can't get 60 FPS!
A: Make sure to tone down the Graphics settings, if you can't reach 60 FPS, you can enable a function on the Display settings, that will process the game at 60 FPS, but will only draw 30 FPS. Last case scenario you can activate a hidden function on the settings.ini file to turn off the Lightning Engine.

Q: How I disable the lightning engine? Why is this hidden?
A: It's hidden because it can causes some unexpected bugs and errors, to disable the Engine, you need to go into: X:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/AppData/Local/Possess, there you'll find a settings.ini file, open it with Notepad, and set the "r_draw_cbna" to 0 instead of 1. In order to reach the AppData folder, you need to enable the Hidden Files on Windows first.

Q: I found a bug, how should I report?
A: Open the game, go to the "About" menu, and then Bug Report, there you'll find instructions of how to report the bug, and a link to a form where you'll be able to do that.

Q: I have an suggestion/idea for the game, how could I give it to you?
A: Right here, or send me a PM if you want, if the idea is relevant for the game, and it's doable, you will have your name on the credits on the Special Thanks, if you're ok with that, of course.

Q: Can I became a developer with the game?
A: Unfortunately, I can't pay for any services right now. I'm sorry. But if you're willing to be volunteer, feel free to send me a Private Message. Even if you volunteer, I'll do my best to pay you somehow, with your own project, some scripts or assets...

I could use some help with:
- Graphics/Sprites Drawing (Textures, Props, Characters...)
- Sound Effects designer (Ambient, Footsteps, Shots, Impacts...)
- Shaders programmer

Q: I don't have any experience in Game Development, but I want to help!
A: You can help by simply sharing the Game with your friends or on social media. And if you're willing to help even more as a volunteer, I could use some help with a Community Manager

Q: Why did you made this game?
A: Because of Training...hehe... I'm sorry.
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Played the game, here's what I got to say.
• The game looks great! I can run the game at 60 FPS with some settings lowered, but recording basically drops it to half of that.
• An options menu with a bunch of customizable options.
• good music and sound design.
>>Although the turret sound effect sounds familiar.
• Unique premise or execution in this genre.
• Did I mention the game looks great?
Here's a video on the game. It's short, but basically covers the whole thing.

• When having the game at a lowered resolution, the textboxes might not fix the screen...
• I hate to say this, but I will anyways, but the pixel-art version looks pretty bad (because it conflicts with the shadows and atmosphere.)
>>And it doesn't really look very well executed...
>>>>Which is funny, because I have pretty low quality standards. If I were to say its not good, then there might be a problem.
• You have to restart the game when changing lighting? Ok then.
• The character kind of moves too slowly...
• I had to restart many times thanks to me ****ing up what I had to do.
>>Not really much of a con, it's just me nitpicking.


Thanks for the feedback! I'm going to try to you fix them while I try to find some better in-game solutions:
• When having the game at a lowered resolution, the textboxes might not fix the screen...
- On Options>Interface, there's a setting called HUD Scale, It's pretty self explanatory what it does.
I hate to say this, but I will anyways, but the pixel-art version looks pretty bad (because it conflicts with the shadows and atmosphere.)
- Yea, it's not the best option, there's some settings that can make them look better, you may wanna have a try?
[graphics]r_shadows_draw="1" ;OR "0" if you want to disable the directional shadows
r_shadows_scale="1" ;if the value above is 1 too
r_shadows_quality="0.3" ;Or better
r_ambient_draw="0.000000" ;Zero
r_ambient_quality="0.05000" ;It doesn't matter since the value above is zero
r_light_scale="4.000000" ;The Smaller, the Better, I recommend sticking with 1
r_light_refresh="5.000000" ;5 is the way to go, on Non-HD settings, it'll make the shadows Pre-rendered, on Pixel art, it will completely disable, making it look better
r_texture_quality="3.000000" ;This is the pixel art texture quality
r_light_quantity="2.000000" ;2 have the same amount of lights as 3, but 3 have more dynamic shadows.
r_particles_quality="2.000000" ;High is alright
r_engine_draw="1.000000" ;Keep this at 1, if you put this at zero, it'll COMPLETELY DISABLE SMARTLIGHT, which can cause some graphical glitches, that's why this option can only be accessed here directly at the ini file
• You have to restart the game when changing lighting? Ok then.
Yep, that sucks I know, it's a limitation on the Smartlight engine. I know that this is a bad excuse, but even GTA V do that xD
I'll look into a extension that can automatically open the game again after closing it, I can't use game_restart because surfaces.
• The character kind of moves too slowly...
Indeed, but you can use Adrenaline, which increases the character speed by 15% (the icon is a syringe with wings), and it also increases the Ghost speed, the idea is that without the augment, the player is slower than the enemy, but with it, the player is sightly faster.
• I had to restart many times thanks to me ****ing up what I had to do.
It's kind of annoying some times xD, that's why I added the "Ruddy Vision" and the quick-restart button, just hold R (by default on keyboard) or Y/Triangle (by default on Gamepad)

Thanks again for the feedback, I'll look into this to make some improvements, also, thanks for recording the video, if you don't mind, I'll put it on the main thread. =)


Thanks again for the feedback, I'll look into this to make some improvements, also, thanks for recording the video, if you don't mind, I'll put it on the main thread. =)
I don't mind! I enjoyed the game, that's for sure. So yeah, put it in the main thread!


The next update is going to Focus on "Revamping" the levels, take a peek of the concept art we are doing for the "Escape" level.

The levels are going to going to change very little in the Gameplay, but the idea is to make them look better and give different levels their own "identity", so the player won't feel like he's always going through the same places with different puzzles.
(Try to keep in mind that this is just a concept art)


Weeks Progress (16th August, 2016)

This week was not very productive, but yet, we still managed to do some important stuff.

I finally finished the Tilesets Optimization and the CPU performance was improved by about approximately 15%, very satisfied with the results.
They still look the same tho :v
Sneak Peak.jpg

Me and Ian also finished most of the new sprites for the Level Revamp. Here's a list of what we have done so far:

New HUD:
Well, you can see on the screenshot above. There's also a Score/Combo Display as well.

AND, last but not least, the new Level End Screen.
Ignore the Augment offset misalignment and the teleportation and the debug information xD

There's also some minor stuff like, the Menu Colors, bug fixes... but nothing much relevant.
Soon, I'll post some screenshots of the new Escape Level.


Here's the screenshots! I recommend downloading the zip for Full Quality and Gorgeousness!
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Hey guys, just to everybody know, I'm not dead or anything, and I'm still developing the game.
Here are a couple of features that I've planned and are coming (maybe not completely functional) in the next update:

Rank Rewards:
Now increasing your level actually give you rewards
- For now, level will reward you with Augments, if you got some XP on Build 10, you'll have your stuff that you were suppose to unlock, unlocked already.

Augment Levels
- Each augment have it's own level (1, 2 or 3). The higher the level, the better the augment. To upgrade an augment, you just need to play with it.
- Basically, each augment have it's own rank, starts on rank one, you need to get 2500 XP to rank 2, and 5000 more to rank 3.

New Level: The Forest
Here's a little preview of the Forest Level (WIP, not very "Forestic yet xD)

New Enemy: Interactor (Temporary name)
- The interactor is Slow and Fragile, but he can shot slow moving projectiles that applies Large amount of damage, and that can also Interact with Buttons.

New Level Element: Double Slide Door
- Pretty much like a normal door, but this one slides, Wooooooooooooow!
- The difference, is that this door is either open, or closed, and this is based on where the door is connected. Enemies can walk and shot through it if it's open.

And, Last, but not least... A new easter egg, huehuehuehue.
Not going to tell what it is but, damn, I like Dirty Bomb, it's a pretty nice game, don't you think?
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