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Question - IDE "Process cannot access the file" Problem saving

Discussion in 'GameMaker Studio 2 Community Tech Support' started by NinjaNick, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. NinjaNick

    NinjaNick Member

    Sep 30, 2017
    Hi. This is my first post on here. I'm having a really annoying problem while compiling/saving. As it automatically saves before actually compiling it comes up with an error and stops.

    SourceControlAction:SaveDocument: The process cannot access the file 'C:\......x.gml' because it is being used by another process.

    (I've replaced the full path with ....)

    This is really getting annoying. This can happen after a fresh boot without me going near the given file in any other software. I might be able to get a few compiles before it does it again. It's really slowing development!

  2. Nocturne

    Nocturne Friendly Tyrant Forum Staff Admin

    Apr 13, 2016
    Are you storing the files in dropbox or google drive or do you have some other backup solution that could be accessing the files when they are getting written? I've not seen any such error myself while using GMS, so I can only assume it's being caused by some external application affecting things. Oh, and is this GMS1.4 or GMS2?
  3. Bingdom

    Bingdom Googledom

    Jul 1, 2016
    It could be your antivirus actively scanning for viruses on new/modified files.
  4. NinjaNick

    NinjaNick Member

    Sep 30, 2017
    @Nocturne Google drive yes. Never had any other software (including v1 of GM) complain. I'm using v2. I had wondered the same, but surely I'm not the only one on Earth to use GM and Google drive together :D
    @Bingdom Hmmm not considered that one!

  5. P3HWN1E

    P3HWN1E Guest

    What i did as i am using google drive as well was to open taskmanager and stop a google sync program. after that i was able to save it again. Howerver if you do this it wont upload your files untill the sync programs are back up and running again :)

    Edit: If you look in the small task window in the bottom right you can find the google backup and sync. If you open it there is an option to pause it. @NinjaNick
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 25, 2018
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  6. joe kaye

    joe kaye Member

    Mar 30, 2018
    FYI I came across this just now and as far as I'm aware it wasn't caused by any backup services (I did have 2 running but they weren't backing up this file and quitting them didn't help)

    Anyway, it was an easy fix - I just moved the file it was having issues with (a script in this case) onto my desktop then copied a new version back into place and it saved no problem
  7. Daikenki

    Daikenki Member

    Nov 24, 2018
    Hello there.
    I've been having the same issue since 3 days ago, and I've been stumped on continuing my project since then.
    But mine is a little different, it only happens with sound files. I've been trying to add a new sound effect and I can rename it in the resource tree,
    but when I try to import the sound, it says:

    "SoundEditor:OpenFile:DeleteOld: The process cannot access the file 'C:\Users\user\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\X\sounds\sndStep\sndStep' because it is being used by another process."

    I've tried deleting it and redoing it, restarting GMS2, restarting the computer. I don't even have an active antivirus, and nothing seems to work.
    I'd really like some help so I can continue working on my project :/
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  8. treeno

    treeno Member

    Feb 2, 2020
    Have you ever figured out a solution to this? im having the same exact problem. :/

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