Procedural Generation for infinite vertical scroller



Hi all,

I want to implement a procedural generation system for a vertical jump game I am making (a bit like doodle-jump) but I am unsure how to go about creating a procedural generation system similar to games like doodle-jump. From what I've seen from my searching many people are interested in pcg for creating rooms etc. but I am more interested in creating an infinite vertical scroll. Is this possible? Do people have recommendations for where to begin?

Currently I've hand made the level, but this is a fairly laborious process for what I am trying to achieve. :)

Thanks all.


I took a quick glance at what that game is, and seems it just places a random platform at a random distance above the previous one. Every time the randomly placed platform scrolls into view from above, another is randomly generated. Since the game only scrolls upwards, platforms that disappear below the screen can be destroyed. The only thing to keep in mind is to have the random distance somewhat lower than the unaugmented jump height so it never generates a dead end.