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Mac OSX Problems with GMS 2.



I've been using Game Maker for years, back when there was GM8 and its predecessors.
Because of work stuff I had to drop that hobby and switch to a Mac (currently running with El Captain).

Years later, I finally come back and I can't even buy the 2012 Game Maker for Mac so I have no choice but to download the lite version (with the intention of buying it) of Game Maker Studio 2 and boy I sure hope they didn't change the rules in GML and all that stuff because right now I feel like I have to re-learn everything.

Long story short, I launch the program and yeah, why not, let's learn the basics again.
I download the Lite Platform Example (the one with the ghost) but once I try to launch the game, nothing happens. It doesn't freeze, it just "compiles" it forever (it gets stuck and "SPRT"). I close the project and I then try to re-open it (the .yyp file). Nothing happens. GMS2 never freezes or anything: it simply doesn't visibly interact with those files and so I'm stuck with a blank, empty grey window.

However, since I do want to like GMS, I tried with a different tutorial, the Dungeon one.
And that one... seems to work. Even when I re-open it. It works fine I think.

So... what is happening?
Am I doing something wrong?
I want to make sure the program works fine before starting my own thing or even buying it.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Now it seems to work fine.
Sorry for the "spam".
But I'm pretty sure I'll have other questions...

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