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UWP Problems with game hanging when running on Xbox UWP


I am attempting to get my game running on Xbox UWP but am running into an issue where it freezes and fails to load the main play room.

I have read https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360031122031-UWP-Saving-And-Loading-When-Targeting-Xbox

After reading the above article, I commented out ini read write file function and buffer load function calls.

In addition I have removed most surface function calls within the main object player of the game. I do not think I use surface call (with the exception of resize) anywhere else in the game.

I am currently attempting to remove the issues which are causing the game to freeze but outside of the tech document listed in the URL I have been unable to locate a list of best practices or known issues for porting a game to work on Xbox UWP.

The game works without issue on Windows and Windows UWP.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might go about debugging the game on Xbox UWP or any helpful hints about common pitfalls when moving code to the Xbox UWP platform?


Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all the GML functions which behave differently when used on Xbox UWP?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Does an empty room project compile and run on the XB1?
If you then add an object/sprite does that compile and run as expected?
If you add another room with another object and a keypress check to switch between them - does that work?

If so, what are you doing at the start of your game that could be causing the first room to fail loading?
Have you checked the Device Portal for any debug error messages?

I'm not sure if the GMS2 debugger works when compiling to XB1 as I've never had the need to test it, but have you tried that and what was the result?
You might have to turn off user/password verification for it to work as I know that was an issue the last time I exported to XB1 (which was a while ago).
I can compile, deploy, login via Xbox Live, and run the project.
Prior to the freeze occurring, many sprites and audio assets have been loaded and are working properly.

There are around 7 rooms which load without any issue. I did need to make changes in order for them to load.
For example, after removing my calls to texture_prefetch, one of my freeze points was resolved.

I have tried debugging via the IDE while targeting Xbox UWP but it launches locally using the VM.

In the YoYo Xbox UWP tech article (listed above in my first post) it says "When using ini_open()/ini_close() and some other file-writing functions, such as ds_map_secure_save(), etc... "

It is the "etc" part that I need to be filled in.

Thanks for your response.