Problem with surface_resize + white lines while moving in the room


Hello! I'm working on a little game and i have a really strange problem.
Before starting, I premise that my game doesn't use any kind of resizing, but it uses views to implement the splitscreen.
There are two cases:
1. If i start the game with the "game room", the players can play without problems;
2. If i start the game with the menu and i use the function "room_goto" to change the room, the surface remains the same size as the menu, which is smaller than the game room. So i've used the function "surface_resize" with the original dimensions of the displayed room, but when the player is moving there are some white lines on the tiles (it doesn't happen in the first case). So I thought the problem could be the scaling menu-room -> game-room, so I created a system that, when confirming the menu, restarts the game and opens it directly from the game room. Same problem.
The option "Interpolate colors between pixels" is already turned off.
I realized that the problem is the transition from menu-room to game-room, but why?
In the first case, width and height porting are 1920x1080, also in the second case.
What the hell is going on?
Here are the screens: