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Android Problem with icons attach


Good day
Tried to set images as icons - and failed.
Specified reason - image has tranparency.
Of course it has, it's png image, BUT: all pravious games had png icons with transparency.

What changed ?


Jpeg worked fine
But earlier I used png - and it was ok. Fine icons with rounded corners.
Why now i can not?
What can I do to improve situation ?


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
Test an icon from a previous game that you KNOW worked previously. If it still gives that error then it would suggest there is a bug... or maybe the specs have changed (in which case it should be documented). If an image that previously worked now doesn't, then make a zip of the images and a YYZ of a project to show the issue, and file a bug with YYG. If a previous image DOES work, then there's something wrong with the image you are trying to use.