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Problem with GMS 1.4 and Discord!


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I'm wondering if someone can help me here, this is really annoying and I cannot seem to fix it.

For the better part of two years I've been chatting to friends on discord about gms and we regularly upload work in progress game exe's and it's been like that and working fine... until yesterday.

For some reason since yesterday whenever I upload a game exe, discord deletes it and pastes some cooking recipe spam instead.

ie:- Just now I tried to upload a 2.4mb file called mirror_3.exe , discord deleted it and replaced my file with this:-
"Hm, it looks like that file might've been a virus. Instead of cooking up trouble, try cooking up a Chicken Tikka Masala: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/chicken-tikka-masala-51171400"

It says its a virus, well I dont download pirate games or use porn sites so the chances of me getting one is rather low, but I did checks anyway, I run scans with malwarebytes, adwcleaner, microsoft's msert, super anti spyware, panda antivirus and more.

The only thing found were some tracking cookies which were deleted, no malware or virus was found. but yet it's the same.. upload a gms exe file and it's deleted and replaced with a cooking recipe.

I also own Fusion 2.5 so I thought I'd try that, I compiled an exe with fusion and uploaded it to discord.. it was fine, it was not deleted.

So then I exported my gms file and gave it to a friend, he compiled it and tried to upload the exe.. his was also deleted and replaced in the same way. I then made a new gms project with only 1 room and nothing else. compiled it and tried to upload it. yes it was deleted again.

Then my friend tried with a gms 2 exe file.. and that was fine, not deleted. So it seems it's only 1.4 exes that are flagged as suspect and deleted. I can zip them and add a password to the zip, then upload but heck thats a pain each time.

Has anyone else had this issue? is there a fix? or is it a subtle update for 1.4 that tries to push me towards buying 2.0?

I'm very puzzled.. like I said this has been working for the best part of two years, why now it flags them as virus infested, I have no idea.

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When anti-virus software incorrectly detects malware within a file, this is known as a false positive.

You have few options with false positives.
  • Disable or configure your Anti-Virus software if it's under your control.
  • Switch Anti-Virus software
  • Inform the support for the Anti-Virus software


Single .exe files compiled with GMS1.4 are known to have false positives. Discord likely updated their virus definitions, and this is the result.

I can zip them and add a password to the zip, then upload but heck thats a pain each time.
Your other option is to try to upload somewhere else that will accept the single .exe. Try Google Drive, Dropbox, or Megadrive. These are all good cloud services that I've picked up.

An advantage to this approach is that the links don't get changed. You can have a separate text channel containing all of your important links. You can inform your team members whenever you upload an update, and they'll know where it is.
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