GMS 2 Problem With Fixture Collision


Hello, I'm posting here because I didn't found any person with the same problem as mine and I'm thankful for anyone looking into it.

So I have a problem with the collisions between my fixtures, at first I just used the basic collision shape tool to create a box, but I wanted a better shape for my object so I used a closed chain shape, got the points with the sprite editor and binded it to my instance, but then the collision with the ground just stopped working.
The ground is another chain shape btw.

The worse is that the fixture do exist because I can draw it with the physics_world_draw_debug function (as seen below). I then switched the shape to a box shape but still in code and the collision worked (as seen below below). I don't understand why it's happening, is it because the ground is a chain shape too ?

Chain shape offsetted for better visualisation :

Box shape :

I have no idea why this happen, if someone has clue I would be grateful if you told me.
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