Problem when grabbing several items


Molox MX

Hey everybody.

My skills with game maker have been improving considerably, but I still have some doubts and I'll be very grateful if you help me. I've want to create items with which the player can "call" special strikes against the enemy.
For example, the first item I made is for calling a laser (obj_a_laser). When you grab the item (The player collides with the item); first, the instance is created; then, it moves at -45° degrees; later, it changes its sprite for another one that makes the laser gun seem that is working, and a new instance is created, which is the laser beam; next, it moves for a while horizontally and finally moves at 45° degrees and at a certain moment, the instance is destroyed. I made this with a timeline.

The problem is the following: When I grab one single item, the animations work correctly. The problem is that, if I grab several items at the same time, the animations corrupt; the laser guns can't act at the same time properly. The first one plays well, but a second one or third one don't. The last ones don't show the laser beam and dissapear before they should. I think using timelines for this make the objects interrupt each other when they are played at the same moment. How can I fix this? I want them to play at the same time properly.

I hope you can help me. Thanks, once again.