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I made sure that there was no better place to post this- But if I still got it wrong somehow, please tell me.
I am trying to make a YoYoGames account. I've been having some trouble at the gate. There is something weird going on whenever I try to register an account.1587046206480.png
No matter what I input here, I get the same message. "This field must not contain numeric characters". There are no spaces or symbols in this password that could be triggering it (to my knowledge). Even more, the i symbol's information recommends that I put in numbers and symbols. Could anyone passing by tell me what I'm missing? Thanks for the help, if you can.


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YYG currently have a small issue with logins & registrations due to deploying an updated registration system. All issues should be corrected by now or will be corrected soon. There has been no data loss and there are no privacy related issues. I'm closing this topic now as there isn't much more to discuss. If your issue persists in the next 12 hours, then please file a ticket with the YYG helpdesk.
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