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Having a huge problem. Basically after creating artwork in adobe Illustrator and transferring it to gamemaker studio to use as my sprites, background, etc. it seems no matter what file format I use, when they are in gamemaker the quality drops. The edges are very square and not at all smooth and clear like they look in illustrator.

I have even tried importing the illustrator files into adobe animate and save it as a .swf files and they still looked terrible in gamemaker.

The game Crashlands was made using gamemaker and the artwork is also vector and it looks great. So I know its possible to get the desired crisp, clear look, but I just cant figure out how. How did Crashlands do it...


Seems strange, every time I've used swf (which is the only vector format that gms currently supports btw) my artwork has been perfectly crisp.

What exactly is your workflow? What formats have you been bringing into gms? and what does your artwork look like in illustrator and in gms?


^^ you know they are using bitmap in crashland ? (even if that's true that the graphics are first created in a vector format (inkscape)


You need to enable SWF Anti-Aliasing in your create event :)


What are you using to downsize your sprites?

Once completed, shrink it down in vector so it doesn't take up the full page.
Export to png interlaced high res / max setting.
Then you can use a bitmap editor and when you shrink down to the desired size the image quality won't be compromised for your base resolution.
Currently using Pixelformer to do this and it works quite well.
Resizing with paint or gimp will make it look horrid.

Doesn't seem to do any favors for switching resolutions but that might be code related...
Recall seeing an old tutorial about "pixel perfect" scaling but that's not for GMS2.
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