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I am planning to publish my game in Google Play. Now, a privacy policy is required specially for those countries with privacy laws. I have questions in mind:

1. Will the Privacy Policy be shown in the first room of the game?
2. Will the Privacy Policy be shown only once? (if the player is first time)
3. Should there be a Privacy Policy button available in the game? (i.e. located in the settings page)

Thank you for your insights.


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I don't know the rules for the Play Store, so I recommend you check with their policies as to what the requirements actually are.

I'm guessing that if they do expect you to have the privacy policy shown, I would hazard a guess that it is simply something you need to just make available, though I would maybe have it on its own little button instead of forcing them to enter the settings to see it. But beyond that, I simply don't know what the Play store requires for those countries and I'm betting your best bet is to simply do the research with them.


You can link a privacy policy within GooglePlay. This policy will NOT be shown inside of your game.

Whether you have to do more than this depends on where you live, which countries you want to publish in, whether you have ads in the game and whether you collect any other user data.

Three tips for you:
1) If you collect data or if you have ads in your game, you should definitely do your research on GDPR (Europe) and CCPA (California) before you release your game.
2) If you use ads, you should read the instructions given by your ad service carefully.
3) If you are not sure: ask a lawyer.

Edit: 4) don't panic ;)

I wish I could give you more specific information, but privacy laws are complicated and I can't give you legal advice.
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