Prism Lagoon




Prism Lagoon
by 1pietras​

Prism Lagoon is a new way of fast and comfortable creating maps for GameMaker

Comfortable work environment

Prism Lagoon allows to resize elements inside the window.
All options are grouped by tabs, thats why using this editor is easy as in other popular 3D editors.

Unlimited edit possibilities

Prism Lagoon allows for easy object manipulation, such as hide, lock, change texture or model.
In addition there is a possibility to add custom parameters, which are seen during editing object.

Making 2D games? Great!

Locking the camera to 2D view, saving Z value as depth and many more conveniences
allows fast creating level, also 2D.
In addition, with Prism Lagoon you can load map instantly, without re-executing game!

Asset is still in early stage of development, feedbacks and new feature propositions are appreciated.
I must say, this program is pretty huge :) So there is a 100% chance of hidden bugs,
but I hope this level editor would be helpfull to any of you :p

PrismDemo, example game using saved levels from editor is included with source

Detail information are in marketplace page: