Team Request Primary Programmer for Scifi Action/RPG

Primary Programmer/Games Designer
Hello! I'm Zachary Andrews. I'm an artist, Games Designer. ( and in the past; tattooist, musician, miniature painter 😆 )
I've shipped one game previous. "Nation Breakers: Steam Arena". This project is myself on art, sound design and writing. And others on 3D modeling, music score and a few voice actors.


EVICTION is an Isometric Action/RPG - dark sci-fi set in dystopian Australia gripped in a humanitarian crises and the horrors of human logistics.
You play as Raa'n, an alien diplomat blamed for tragic a disaster claiming tens of thousands of lives, setting of a rapid and deadly collapse in society.

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Hub structured world (not open). Verity of 21st-22nd century weapons.
An Alien staff for melee that reacts and reflects different elemental weapon types (projectile, bomb, fire, laser, voltage, gas) in unique ways. Crafting system - Create bombs, drones and elemental weapons in unique combinations.
ID system - Using an Alien "Veil", take the blood of any NPC or enemy to assume their appearance and functional ID in the world, granting you access to locations, guns and people. This turns the whole game into an intricate puzzle.
Keep on the move - the forces of the world react realistically and keep the pressure coming. Clearing out an area maybe good for a moment, but they're coming for you, so be quick, be smart.

- Patreon and revenue split.

- Discord: Z.Andrews#0072
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This is actual prototype assets -
ISO GRID draft.jpg