Free Presidential Blitz: Trump & Clinton




A couple of weeks ago, I've uploaded my very first two free web games made in Gamemaker (with a little help of Autodesk Animator, QuickBASIC, Scream Tracker & Notepad). I developed the games for the website Presidential Blitz.

Object of the game
The object of the retro games is to become president of the United States. You can play as Hillary Clinton or as Donald Trump.

Full game play in full VHS quality

Several websites, including AV Club and Gizmodo Japan wrote a review.

Screenshots of the Trump game

Screenshots of the Hillary game

MP3 files of the game music
[ Hillary - Emails ] [ Trump - We're Gonna Win Bigly ] [ Hillary - Wall Street ]
[ Trump - I know words ] [ Hillary - Human Rights ] [ Trump - Wall ]
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When I saw the title, I initially face-palmed and though oh-no.

But then I see the screenies and it looks classic - LOL!
Thanks! Did you think that this game was a game to promote candidates? :)
On my old ipad2 with IOS7+ it runs a little slow and sticky.
On the samsung A3 with marshmallow OS runs smooth and very fast, full screen without UI.

You should run a tutorial on getting html5 export running on mobiles.
Good job on the game, it was fun. Thanks.