POWERLESS CHAOS, the Game of Temptation (Devlog Stage)

POWERLESS CHAOS is a 2D platformer where the game's difficulty is affected
by temptation. It is primarily inspired by games like Super Metroid and Megaman X. You
play as Delroy (Del for short), a young teen who had his family taken away from him during the
apocalypse, and now he must fight the demons that face him in order to rescue his people and
restore peace to the sacred land of Zypheria. POWERLESS CHAOS aims to provide a
captivating story with meaningful characters, unique mechanics, an original soundtrack,
and a world full of many secrets to discover...

Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/powerlesschaos/541920



Long ago, there was a great war that sparked against the forces of good and evil across
the sacred land of Zypheria. Teras, the Great Demon Lord of Temptation, and Iris, the
Guardian Angel of Zypheria, challenged and fought against each other for centuries until
Iris had finally put Teras in his place, entrapping his soul in her sword and planting it atop
the highest mountain in Zypheria, Mount Magma. Since then, peace had been restored to
the land and its inhabitants worshipped Iris for her prowess and prosperity. Legends said
that if anyone dared to seek out the sword and grasp the handle of its blade, Teras would
absorb their soul and reawaken, bringing forth the apocalypse. The Zypherian military kept
the sword locked away in case that legend was true.

Many years passed, and the sword, nicknamed "Necrostutter", continued to be kept well
preserved by the Zypherian military in an old cathedral atop Mount Magma. Several
societies had grown more technologically advanced than others. The city of Forzar, for
example, had suspended themselves above the clouds in search for tranquility. Thyria had
somehow constructed an underwater utopia that served as a powerhouse for the majority
of Zypheria. Needless to say, the land had been living quite harmoniously.

That was, until a clever criminal put the legend to the test...

In that instant, Teras reawakened and thunder struck across all of Zypheria. The sky faded
to a dark violet, and storm clouds began to spiral around Mount Magma, pulling the life
from the once-lush grasslands and forests of Zypheria. Teras, with the power he had been
conserving for many years now, handpicked seven people from across the civilization to be
his local subordinates, and shared a fraction of his power among them and sent them off to
command their assigned areas. Teras then conjured an army of demons with everyone left

over. There were only a few, however, who were somehow protected by a mysterious force...





Deaven Binion (CardinalCoder64), a.k.a myself, is working solo on POWERLESS
for now at least). I am the artist, composer, programmer, writer, and everything
else in between. The idea of this project sprung up in my head when I was a young teen
back in 2014. The concept has gone through so many changes since then, and I held back
on making it public until I was in a position where I could regularly work on it. Now that I'm
finally in that position, I'm eager to get working and deliver a finished product that
everyone, including myself, can be satisfied with.

Few things:
- There's no official deadline for the project yet as it is still in its early stages.
- I am currently working on a demo of the game.
- Updates/devlogs will be uploaded weekly, and they will be posted on Gamejolt and on my Twitter page.
- For now the best way to support the project is to click follow and spread the word. I may
consider a kickstarter if I notice that the game is getting enough attention...

Email: cardinalcoder64@gmail.com
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Very cool! Looks and sounds like you've got a good thing going right now with this! The banner looks great, I love the simplistic style you have going on - those clouds look wonderful :) I hope that style transfers into your future screenshots a bit more, too! As of right now, the screenshot you're shwoing off looks a bit bare. It's a bit difficult to know what environments the characters are in due to the blank background, and the ceilings look a bit too blocky and could really benefit from some slope shapes I reckon. Your writing is really wonderful though, it all sounds super solid! The HUD looks really appealing too, it gives me some lovely A Link to the Past retro SNES vibes which I'm always down for B) Great stuff!