Asset - Project Powerful Dialogue Engine (Video Included)



String Bean is an original, powerful, flexible and easy to use Text Engine coded entirely in GML.
Marketplace for GM 2:
Marketplace for GM:S:
The core of String Bean consists of 1 object, and 1 script!

String Bean includes:
- Drawing mid-string color changes
- Text display time/flow control
- Any text box size/positioning
- Icon insertion
- Sound insertion
- Text box effects
- Switching text portraits at any time
- Real-time variable-data insertion (powerful)
- And more!

String Bean is easy to expand and customize -- project code comments included!
String Bean uses a character parsing system that allows for creating complex dialogues and texts with a simple script call!

Demo: Bean.exe?dl=0
Marketplace for GM 2:
Marketplace for GM:S:

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