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Free Power Defense V 1.1

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Power Defense is a tower defense game. The aim of the game is to place towers to defend from the enemy creatures. If you let an enemy reach the end of the track you will loose some hearts. There are 6 game modes in Power Defense: easy, medium, hard, sandbox, nightmare and challenges. https://timmbuk2games.itch.io/power-defense

After some feedback yesterday I made some updates to my game, not huge updates but some balance changes. In the next update which will be coming out soon, I will make sure all the maps are beatable. If you want give feedback on the current Power Defense feel free.


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You HAVE a topic for this game already. Please simply edit that topic or add a new post, but please do NOT post the same game various times. You are stealing attention from other games on the forum and you are NOT more important (nor less) than any other developer here. Oh and post screenshots with the game please, as previously requested.
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