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Windows Possible Gamepad Bug?



When I create an Async System Event with the following code:
show_debug_message("Event = " + async_load[? "event_type"]);

No messages show up when connecting and disconnecting a wireless Xbox360 Controller

However when I add any gamepad_* function e.g:

The Events show up in the output window

Is this intended?
This was a bug that was supposed to be fixed. I put in a ticket for it a long time ago. For some reason, Studio needed to have a line of code that referenced the gamepad system before it would actually work. The odd thing is that not only does the function that is called not matter, but it doesn't even have to be run. As long as it exists in the project somewhere, the gamepad system starts working. This isn't really a game breaking bug, as if you're going to actually use the gamepad system for anything real, this isn't a problem. It only showed up for me when I was writing a test application and only had the gamepad async code written.

Edit: thinking on it now, it kind of makes sense. it's probably a way to save resources. after all, if you're not going to use it, why would the program bother to check? the fact that it starts working after detecting code related to the system tells me either it was done on purpose, to save resources, or there was just an oversight in initializing the system without the functions.
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