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GMS 2.3+ Possible bug with 9 slice? Bugs out finding tile map layer id

Took me a while to figure this, seems to be a bug with 9 slice.

I have a tile map layer, an assets layer (with a 9 slice sprite) and an instance layer with an object.

In the object I use the draw event to draw part of the tile map (the tile map layer is hidden on room start).

If the asset layer (with the 9 slice) is above the tile map layer then the follow error happens


Simply moving the asset layer below the tile map layer resolves the issue and all works as expected.

If I move the asset layer above the tile map layer and delete the 9 slice it all works again. If I add the 9 slice back (keep layers as are) I get the errors.
If I have a regular sprite on the assets layer it all works regardless for layer order, only when I add a 9 slice does it require the asset layer below the tile map layer.


Friendly Tyrant
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Seems like a bug indeed! Please create a YYZ of the project and file a bug report (from the Help menu > File A Bug).