Job Offer - General [POSITIONS ARE FILLED]

I'll be subcontracting to both an accomplished, proven GML programmer and an accomplished, proven sounds/music composer via my dev/publishing business, "Solemn Acres Studios, LLC."

[UPDATED] These will now be PAID, subcontracted positions (no revenue share):

[POSITION IS FILLED] Programmer will earn 30.00 USD per hour. The candidate and I will discuss the estimated hours necessary for completion of programming. Once agreed, I'll pay 50% of estimated cost up front, and the balance upon completion (whatever that amount ends up being).
Note: I've had a difficult time trying to find out what a respectable going rate would be for the programming I need. Therefore, I'm completely open to negotiation. I welcome anyone with this kind of industry knowledge to post in this thread their thoughts on the matter, as this would help all of us.
This project will be targeted to Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. I'll send programmer the system or systems that they may not have access to.
Note: I'm not necessarily seeking someone who has worked in a company, etc., freelancer is fine. I just need to verify abilities.

[POSITION IS FILLED] Sounds/ Music Composer will need to reach me by pm to negotiate appropriate compensation.

I'm seeking mature, easy-going folks who are proficient communicators. We'll be conferencing by phone from time to time, but not exclusively (my preference)...

Those interested in participating must be at least 18 years of age.

Regarding the project, I've completed the near entirety of visual assets, ideation, and game layout. Beginning in about three weeks from this posting, our team will be able to start putting things together. I'm confident that an experienced programmer and composer will be able to apply their skills in this situation with relative ease and speed.
Note: I'll not be sharing much in the way of details about this game publicly until a trailer is ready pre-release. Candidates for this collaboration will learn more near the closing of the team selection process. Please also note that the images I've included are intentionally incomplete. These serve only to indicate the way that this game will look in regards to a graphical continuum and genre (the figure in the images is a stand in as well as the background in the leveled image).

To those who fit the criteria and are seriously considering participation, please pm me with your inquiries. thxsprite69.png Sample_2.png
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I'm on schedule, putting my rooms together and polishing everything... Again, I expect to be ready in the next few weeks. I had another screen shot but it won't let me upload, saying "too large." I don't know why my previous images worked.
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