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Hello all,

Thank you, everyone who sent us requests. The position has been filled.
We look forward to unveiling MAXHEART™ in 2017. We hope you enjoy it!

=====Old Post=====
We are an experienced indie games development studio that specialises in card games.
This year we are expanding into the video games market, with our debut video game MAXHEART™.

Above: An early mock-up from 2015.
MAXHEART is a retro-styled RPG that replaces traditional RPG battles with a Trading Card Game system.
Instead of random encounters, players fight against NPCs and to gain booster packs.
The player's deck can then be enhanced using the new cards.
The music, sfx and art assets are ready to be implemented (with more on the way).

Your role will be to code the Trading Card Game system into MAXHEART.
(There are roughly 140 cards, ranging from simple 'deal damage' to complex 'return up to 2 discarded cards to your hand').
Improve existing code where necessary to ensure the game runs cleanly.
Add dialogue by copy-pasting from the project bible.
Add controller support.
Payment is based around milestones and are one-off payments, email to discuss rates or alternative means of measuring work (eg Hourly rates).

I'm 'Urban', the head of games development. I will provide you the project bible that outlines every facet of the game and the Trading Card Game system, I'll also be working closely with you to make sure you have everything necessary to work with.
I have a limited understanding of coding, but I can use the GameMaker Studio software to perform all the mundane tasks such as creating sprites and assigning them to objects.
We aim to have this published on Steam Greenlight in approx 12 months (November 2017).

I'm happy to answer all question publicly. I have little experience commissioning coders, so this is a new experience for me. Please keep all discussion on subject. Thank you.

If you are interested, please email
We'll then discuss your history and ask for a portfolio to make sure you have the necessary skills.
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