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Job Offer - Artist POSITION FILLED Hiring a pixel artist for paid commission work



I'm looking to hire a pixel artist to draw sprite sheets for multiple animal characters in an 8 directional game I'm developing. I'm hoping to start with two panda characters and for the right artist there's very likely a lot more work.

I'm used to doing everything in my games from art to music to code and I'd really love some help! My concept characters are one small panda with huge ears and one huge panda with tiny ears. I'm hoping to give these two lots of personality - smoking, drinking, dancing, etc. But for starters let's just get them walking and attacking in 8 directions.

I've attached a gif of how I'm imagining the smaller one, but I have absolutely no attachment to it and if you've got a better 'spin' I'd love to see it.

At this point, whatever resolution you feel most comfortable in is doable. If you're interested, please DM me with some relevant work so I can get a feel for your style. As an aside, I'll also be looking to hire an environmental / level artist, so if you work as part of a team, all the better.