Poodle Ace in Cyberspace

The other day I answered a question about making a psuedo-3D shooter in GameMaker. I probably went way too in-depth, but that was only because I found it pretty interesting to think about. So interesting, I made a simple little project to demonstrate what I wrote. Then I spent another day with that project and I think this might become a real release. It's about a dog who hacks computers with his VR cybership and needs to pull off one last big score before retiring...
Different enemies and bullet parries. Hoplites have shields that protect them from all damage until they're stunned by a reflected bullet.

Poodle Ace isn't an anthropomorphic dog or anything. He can't stand or even talk. It's pretty weird that he's so good at hacking, but nobody seems to want to make a big deal out of it.


Really impressive what people can knock up in a handful of days! Maybe you could stretch some sprites to give the "walls" a more fake 3d effect? I don't really have much to add because I don't have any experience in this genre but keep up the good work!