HTML5 POKER HUNT - Free Card Game

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Poker Hunt is an HTML5 card game. Every game you are given a random board of cards, tap and drag to select cards. Finding good poker hands scores points and earns you money to spend in the score. The final 5 cards left on the board is your last hand.

Two Game Modes:
  • Normal: A standard 50 card game, after a hand is found new cards are drawn. Play until 10 hands are created.
  • Quick Play: The original Poker Hunt mode. 25 random cards to create hands with.
  • Almost have the perfect hand but are just missing one or two cards? Create hands around those cards and the one card you need my be drawn in the right spot.
  • Have a royal flush on the board but none of the cards are next to each other? No problem! Leave those cards on the board until the end and they will count as your last hand.
  • Look for full houses, they tend to be the most common high-valued hand and are easy to spot.


predictably random
Forum Staff
This is pretty good. I've played a few times, and enjoyed it. You've done a nice job on a good casual browser game.

Nothing really jumps out as exceptional -- I mean, it's a single-player poker game after all. But the gameplay mechanics work well and the graphics and sounds are pleasant enough. (Although the sound gets a bit repetitive.) Overall, it's pretty solid.

Games like these are fairly common, so it's hard to set yourself apart from the pack. The main difference among these games is the amount of hype and glitz they provide. Star bursts and flashes when you win a big hand. Maybe some cool audio-visual effects, etc. So you could always add those. They don't really add to the gameplay, but they can enhance the atmosphere... I suppose.

Other than that, maybe have some "challenge modes". For example, each series of rounds the player is directed to go for different types of hands: pairs/triplets, etc in one round, then maybe straights, then flushes.

Or maybe have the option of using your winnings to buy wild cards that show up the subsequent rounds. Just some ideas off the top of my head. (Not necessarily good ones.)

But what you have here is good. So nice job on that.


aka fel666
I like the game, it's wire
Quite fun!

Just two notes:
1. The menu's animation is too slow! For a quick game you would want to play on the bus, you want to get through those menus faster!

2. The score needs a little adjustment. As it stands, getting two single pairs is worth as much as a single double pair. It would make more sense for the single double pair to be worth more. Also it didn't seem like the values of the cards counted. Though I have yet to get a Royal flush...
Other than that, there is not much more to say! Great job!

Coded Games

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely keep it in mind if I do end up making another update. This game is the oldest I've made that I still "support" with potential updates and bug fixes. All 5 of my HTML5 games (in my signature) recently got updates that add music and other needed updates.

I actually had planned to add a level based challenge mode that would give pre-made boards with specific tasks like @chance said. Unfortunately never got around to this.

@Fel666 The scoring weight was actually changed many times through play testing. I finally decided on this:
Single Pair: 5
Two Pair: 10
Three of a Kind: 15
Straight: 20
Flash: 30
Full House: 40
Four of a Kind: 50
Straight Flash: 75
Royal Flush: 100

I consider anything past a straight to be a fairly good hand and on most boards all of your hands should be at least three of a kind for the first few hands. If you do get a completely terrible board you can double tap the score button to quit.
Along with that, you should always be able to get a Royal Flush for your last hand unless you get super unlucky with card placement.