Discussion Pokémon Sword and Shield!!!


〜Flower Prince〜
If you haven't seen, the next Pikmin uh Pokémon game got announced!
Not much info is there, except for the starters and some amazing graphics.
Let's discuss about it, and future announcements.
What's your favourite starter from the bunch? I like them all, but the grass one is pretty cute. The bunny is cute and reminds me of Bugs Bunny lol
I can't wait to see the legendaries, psuedolegendary and evolutions!

But secretly my heart is still aching for a gen 4 remake.... Oh how a Platinum remake would be godly. But the longer they wait with it, the better they'll make it.


I was never really a Pokemon fan...but always interested in the newer versions of older games. I will admit that looks quite interesting.

There's nothing like a hyped up game. You get it then throw it away a half hour later realizing everything they showed for the game was the first three minutes of monologue. The game has nothing to do with what you just saw or is completely boring. People need to take lessons from Apogee and id software. Except the part where they don't exist anymore....
I miss the days where I would get excited for Pokemon. I can't believe after all this time they still make up 3 new starters of grass, water, and fire... are they ever going to shake that up for a main series entry?


Dunno, I drew these.

Grookey a best, but I'm sure it'll evolve into an ugly mess. So let's wait.