[Podcast] indie(Function); - Interview with Nocturne


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Hello there everyone! I'm Bret, and I've been running indie(Function); since June 2011. Right now, our current projects are a podcast and a blog.

On that podcast, we just did an interview with the community's very own Nocturne! You can listen to him chat about patience in game communities, the YoYo House, game jams, interesting non-game projects created in GameMaker, photography, a ZX Spectrum-inspired game he's creating, the technology singularity, and of course, the GameMaker Community.

The episode of the podcast with Nocturne is available here: https://indiefunction.com/broadcast92

We have another episode Saturday, October 31st with Oskar Stalberg, creator of Bad North and Townscaper.

I hope you all enjoy the episode! Let me know what you think, and follow us on social media (links at the top of the post) to keep up to date with the latest shows. I'll be expanding this post over time with more details and episodes to listen into.

And for those who recognize the name from the old GMC, hello! :) It's great to be back.
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