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Android Pocket Air Guitar (FREE Version, NO ADS)

Discussion in 'Made with GameMaker' started by POCMOC PANDA, Oct 24, 2019.



    Oct 24, 2019

    DOWNLOAD at Google Play (FREE Version, NO ADS)

    What is it?
    Hold your phone like a guitar...and play it like an actual guitar! Wherever you are!
    This is Pocket Air Guitar FREE version with NO ADS
    Play like a guitar wizard in a matter of MINUTES (maybe ;)), but absolutely no previous musical experience is required
    You can play tons of songs using the four buttons, basic instructions are included

    Optional IAP
    (totally optional) Upgrade to Pro Version to:
    +Change to different chords! Or add more chords!
    +Change the colour!
    +Unlock a hidden secret!

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