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Please help me!

Discussion in 'Programming' started by ImKrakenUp, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. ImKrakenUp

    ImKrakenUp Member

    Jun 25, 2018
    Hello everyone!
    I'm a bit new to Gamemaker studio 2, and will purchase the full thing, so I have to ask you some questions please.

    Also I'm very sorry for all of these questions.

    1,) Should I use Drag & Drop or GML
    2,) Can I make over 1000 rooms? Or What is the max number of rooms?
    3,) What is the max number of Objects and Sprites I can make?
    4,) How many Sounds/Music can I add?
    5,) How big can I make my game?
    6,) Will my game ever lag?
    7,) I noticed, when I switched rooms, it doesn't have a loading screen. Do I need to some how add a loading screen or no?
    8,) I'm a fast learner, How long would it take for me to learn GML?
    9,) Where can I learn GML?
    10,) Can I make a game like The world ends with you?
    11,) How many Game files can one game have?
    12,) Where are save files stored?
    13,) If I want to add DLC/Update on steam or anywhere else, how do you do that?
    14,) If I set my game to 60 fps, will it lag on other people's computers or phones?
    15,) Are PC/Gaming controllers compatible with Gamemaker Studio 2?
    16,) If I wanted to make a game for PS4 or Nintendo switch, how do I set up the controls?
    17,) Should I make ever game 60 Fps?
    18,) How many Fps should a PC game be? And a PS4 game be?
    19,) Is Gamemaker Studio 2 as powerful as Unreal Engine 4 or Unity 5?
    20,) How do I make a multiplayer game?
    21,) If I make a massive game, will I ever experience something like: Memory full, or stopping me from adding anything else to the game?

    Thank you for your time!
  2. EvanSki

    EvanSki King of Raccoons

    Apr 17, 2018
    1. I recommend GML but you can use either
    2. I guess you could but I dont recommend it, Idk the max sorry
    3. Idk, but I know its a lot
    4. same as 3
    5. depends on your commitment and your game
    6. Like any other game, Yes, Theres no such thing as a game that does not have lag
    7. Not necessarily no, but you can make a room that loads texture groups, audio groups, variables and the works, then go to the start screen
    8. Depends on yourself
    9. Youtube- Shaun Spalding, Heart beast, making games 101, Gloomy Toad studios
    10. I guess you can
    11. Yes
    12. Appdata or Local/Appdata you can set that in the game settings
    13. I have no clue sorry
    14. it depends on those people's phones and computers
    15. Yes
    16. well you need certain licenses first but I guess it would be the same as coding a gamepad
    17. You dont have too, personally in my opinion 30 works just as well, though 60 make look smoother but fun fact your eyes cant see more then 120fps
    18. Depends on what you want it to be
    19. Not quite, the 3d isnt that great because Game maker is really ment to be a 2d engine sooooo
    20. With skill
    21. Probably but idk it depends a lot on the engine your game and your computer
    Hope this helps! :>
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  3. ImKrakenUp

    ImKrakenUp Member

    Jun 25, 2018
    Thank you,
    Thank you, this was a big help! :D
  4. chance

    chance predictably random Forum Staff Moderator

    Apr 22, 2016
    I moved your topic here (from the Community forum) since most of these are programming and/or design issues.

    Some of your questions can be answered here. But some depend on your background and skill, which GMC members don't know. So my advice is to use the free version of Studio and experiment. Then you'll be in a better position to ask more specific questions.
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  5. CloseRange

    CloseRange Member

    Jul 2, 2016
    I've been using gm for about 10 years now so here is my experience.
    First, resources:
    There used to be a limit of 20 resources (sprites sounds objects rooms ect) but there isn't anymore so the sky's the limit on how much you want to add
    That being said, I recommend only adding resources that are needed, it won't make a performance difference (well very small difference) but the more you add, the more confusing your life becomes.

    Learning rate:
    I too am a fast learner but 10 years and I'm still learning new things. Don't try to master game maker. Always strive to be better than you are now. (cliche, but true)

    Drag and drop.
    no. never. don't please. I started with it and I regret it. The only people who should drag and drop are people who don't want to code but are good at art and want to make and art based game. (controversial, but it's my honest to god opinion)

    Compared to other game engines:
    Depends on your view. Just plainly comparing game maker to any of those is like comparing a small car to a monster truck.
    Monster truck is better, stronger, and does more. But it's more expensive and harder to figure out.
    At your level, you might not need that much, unless you are only interested in 3D (however I'd say just learn java then, as it's completely free to anyone)

    as ImKraken said, every game has lag (to an extent). It's dependent on 2 things.
    How big is your game?
    How good of a programmer are you?
    Play any triple A games, and you'll see that most have little to no lag. And the ones that do are usually due to them being online games.
    These games are bigger than you'll EVER make on your own, but the programming was done so efficiently, that they know how to either eliminate lag, or hide it so you never knew it was there.
    That being said don't worry about lag for now, start by making games that work and function, then when you get more advanced and your games get bigger, then focus on optimization.

    don't do 30. It's bad practice, stick with 60 (hell, you can go to 90 if you want) The reason game maker has 30 by default is because most 2D pixel games look natural at that speed. But if 1 sprite needs to go slower to look good, just change image_speed.

    Online and 3D:
    Game maker was not built for 3D, but it is possible.
    3D will always lag in game maker, it's just not a good 3D compiler. You have to be really really careful on everything to get it to work well (unless it's a simple 3D game, like mine-craft)
    Online is also possible, but messy in my opinion.
    Usually you have 2 game maker projects when working online (so hopefully you have 2 monitors or you'll be tabbing out a lot).
    This also takes a lot of setting up, so if you want to make an online game do it BEFORE you make the actual game. Don't get half way through the game then try to add online after the fact.

    Loading Screens:
    Never. And I mean NEVER add loading screens if you don't have to.
    This is one of the more common beginner mistakes (I used to do this too).
    I understand that you want your game to look professional by adding loading screens, but it's not needed, so don't do it.
    Game maker pre-loads the resources for you, that's why you don't see one.
    If your game gets big enough, there will be a small delay before the game actually starts (the screen will be white) this is the loading screen.
    There once was a loading screen in game maker (i'm talking old old game maker) and you used to be able to customize it, even. But game maker is better now and doesn't need one.
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  6. ImKrakenUp

    ImKrakenUp Member

    Jun 25, 2018
    Thank you!!!

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