Please help: Can you remember Project W?


Project W was a game by Jesse Vogel that won Creative Game Challenge (creativegamechallenge[dot]nl) in 2011. (the included screenshot is the only one I could find)
You had to pull levers to let water flow from the surface to underground tanks without drowning to clear levels.

I recently had to think of it and wanted to play it again, but it has never been in the Sandbox, so it is not in the archive and it seems the website has been taken down.
I am still asking here, because it was mentioned in a YoYo Games Glog post in 2011 (has been migrated to the following entry: /blog/154)

The game was distributed via the Creative Game Challenge's website in a file named "".

I would really appreciate any help with getting the game or getting in touch with the author.

Thanks! :)



I've been looking for a bit and I could only find 2 links to an exe file, both of which don't work.
The first one being on the site you mentioned, the second one being here:,65507.0

I did find a youtube trailer for the game though:

I also found a lot of articles describing what you described.

I'm starting to doubt you'll find it again.

Even if you can contact Jesse personally, I doubt they'll still have the file on their pc (they already lost it once long ago).


Wow, thanks for your responses! @jo-thijs The link on the forum you mentioned works for me! (It's at the end of the post with the non-existent screenshots, labelled "Download": g2f[dot]nl/0pnv986).

Also I could contact the author of the IndieGameGarden/IndieGameGarden project on github. He sent me the following link where Project W is available, too: indie[dot]indiegamegarden[dot]com/zips/ .

Thanks for your help, I am so glad I can play it once again! :)