Please help. Black screen, disappeared sprites, Animation End event stop working...


Several issues appeared after updating version. I don't know if it correct to declare several problems in one post (Sorry if not), but all this things happened one after another when I try to solve it.

The first, after updating Game maker for I noticed that Animation End event doesn't work.
In Create:
open = true;
image_speed = 0;
image_index = 0;
When I press E , image speed will be equals 1 and when it go to the last image in animation - image speed should be equals 0, and part of code in the Animation End should be also executed.
But now after pressing E, animation just in endless loop.

show_debug_message("index " + string(image_index)); shows me in output indexes like: "index 0.17" "index 0.34" "index 0.51"....

The second, I decided to change fps in sprite of that object from 10 to 60 (the same as game fps). But after this my object become invisible in running game, though in room editor it still been in his place. Even when I changed fps back to 10 in sprite editor, it didn't appear.

The third and last. For some reason I decided to Clean (ctrl+F7) project, hoping it remove that issue. And when I Run it, it shows me black screen.... but all sounds and transitions between rooms still working.
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Do you set the image_speed to a fractional value anywhere? Is there anywhere else that you set the image_index to anything? It seems strange that the Animation End event wouldn't trigger, but maybe there's something else you're doing that cuts the animation short.