Please creation a module support section



topic is the jest of the request, it would be nice to have a section specific dedication to addressing events/errors that occur with respective export modules.

thank you


Friendly Tyrant
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No, sorry, not going to happen. This is why we have prefixes... we do not want to be like the old GMC with a massive set of sub forums that 90% of see no use. For example, with the modules, we had one for each module, but only iOS and Android saw any actual traffic. That left 5 or more forums that were practically empty and completely under-used. ANd if we make only iOS and Android sub-forums I just KNOW that somebody will request the others... so, no. Prefixes!!!!!


lmfao ok not happening, understood.

ahh good so their are prefixes to draw attention to one indavidual thing. ill be sure to use them.

thank you.