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Discussion Please add this function to views? [Request]


I have a 3D top down projection set up and I'm having trouble with all the view and camera functions not behaving the same way as in 2D. I understand that they are supposed to be different in 3D, but please add a new function just to keep the 3D projection but leave all the view stuff untouched (default)?

I'm sure that would make things a lot easier for those who just want to draw 3D models but leave the game play in 2D.

All I'm asking is just a simple function with enable/disable that would handle that?

Here are the problems I'm facing with right now


mixing 2d and 3d should be a thing, aka xenogears, valkyrie profile and a few others.
one would thing you could have a 2d and a 3d camera and composite them in the view as needed.
Im all for the ability to streamline mixing both 'worlds'